Lucille Umali is an illustrator and visual journalist with extensive experience in publication design and editorial illustration. Currently based in Muscat, Oman,  she has served as a senior illustrator in Muscat Media Group for Times of Oman and Al Shabiba (Arabic newspaper). She was part of the graphics team that was assembled for the newly redesigned newspapers which were tasked to produce information graphics, data visualization, editorial illustrations, and designer pages. As a visual journalist part of her responsibilities were doing extensive research, data analysis, and solving design problems. 
During her six-year tenure in the Muscat Media Group, she has garnered prestigious awards for her works from the Society of News Design (SND), Malofeij Infographics Awards, and World Press Cartoon. One of the highest honors she has received was being invited as one of the judges for the SND36 in Syracuse, New York.
Before joining the newspaper industry she worked for years as a graphic designer from an advertising agency to a web-based poker gaming company in the Philippines.
Currently, she is handling the social media marketing for Copper Roastery, producing marketing materials for all the social media platforms and other design materials for the roastery. 
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