Al Haddath is the politics section in Al Shabiba (Arabic) newspaper, the sister publication of Times of Oman. Page six, the section which features an article that is usually lifted from an English article online and translated into Arabic with subjects that are mostly international news on politics.
In this section of the newspaper, I am given more freedom to design this page. I usually receive the story earlier in the day or sometimes it comes in late giving me very little time to plan the page. In some cases, since this page is usually an English article originally, it is written by an Arabic author making this task a little bit more challenging because sometimes Google translate doesn't really do a good job.  I spend a big chunk of my time researching for these articles specially when the stories are not very familiar or the names and events don't ring a bell. Before I could come up with an initial sketch I make sure I understood the stories well and the boundaries that lie in creating an illustration/ page design for the Omani readers. We try to be sensitive to religious practices, government laws, and the Arab culture in general.
The Bitter Taste of America
The article is about what happened to Iraq and its people after the US pulled out from the country. the country was left in harsh conditions with promises broken and the lives of the people were not better than before. The Iraqis complain that the Americans have left them with more problems.
The concept of my illustration is to use the stars (representing the USA) as thorns in their tongues with a bitter taste.
Recognition: 2014, World Press Cartoon (Honorable Mention)
No Entry for Levy
The article is about the French philosopher who was not granted permission to enter Libya due to his vocal political views and because he is a Jew.
Recognition: SND 35, Single Lead Illustration
The Smell of War
Recognition: SND 35, Feature Design Pages
Israel Arms Sales
Nuclear Strike on Sweden
Other designs for this page
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