Feature pages showcase the designers' + illustrators' collaborative work in creating a captivating or as we call it a "WOW PAGE!"  Here are some of my best works for Times of Oman, Al Shabiba, and Thursday Magazine.
The Saga: This page is purely all my work from research to designing the page. The widely anticipated boxing match of Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao was full of controversy and drama.
Qahwa Arabeya: This subject was assigned to me for a weekly special section in Thursday Magazine. All the research, design, and illustration were solely mine.
Table Manners: The story was provided by our staff journalist and my part was to design the page and create it according to how I see fit.
Muscat Festival 2013 & Let The Fun Begin: These pages are infographics that mainly show schedules and maps of events. My piece of the puzzle is the illustrations to make it more appealing and give it a fun look.
When the Sitar Gently Weeps: This page is an obituary for a famous sitar player named Ravi Shankar. The illustration was mine with the guidance of our creative director.

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