During my time as part of the graphics team in Times of Oman, we have created an enormous number of infographics and everything was teamwork from the biggest task down to the smallest details. Some of my illustrations are the centerpiece of the page, some are the supporting images that hold that information together. Below are a few of the pages that I helped produce with the team.
The Best Animated Feature Film: This is a collaboration with a designer, we planned the page together and agreed on the design. I created the graphics while the designer added the images and took care of the layout.
T20 2012, and The New Champions: My main contribution to these pages is my hyper-realistic illustrations. For the T20 graphic, I had a hand in placing the information on the circular graphic.
Muscat Court Complex: My task in this graphic is to illustrate and digitally paint the people that are visible around the buildings.
The Tale of The Tape: There were three of us working on this page, the painstaking job of putting the information inside the tape was mine, another was the long jump information. Making sure that the tape actually is functional was another hurdle. 
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