A two-part supplement showcasing Oman's national pride and symbol - Oman national dress. Each supplement consists of three infographic spreads that could later be tiled into a huge poster.  The first supplement is a detailed graphic about Omani national dress for women while the second supplement is for men. This was published during the month-long celebration of the National Day in the country which is celebrated every month of November. Oman is a country rich in culture and heritage which makes this subject very interesting to study and share with the Omani people and to the world.
The heart of my task in this project was to illustrate the focal image of the graphics -the detailed illustration of the woman and man from head to foot which took about three weeks to finish. Illustrating for these graphics entailed a lot of careful research to compose the central image. I used myself as a model wearing the actual clothes and took photos from various angles to get the details of the dress. One of our colleagues posed as a model for the men's dress. The pieces of jewelry and accessories were also my drawings. I used a ballpoint pen as a medium and the goal was to achieve a hyper-realistic effect. Both of these graphics have an Arabic version as well. 
Creative Director: Adonis Durado | Infographic Designer: Marcelo Duhalde | Illustrator: Lucille Umali
SND 37,  Award of Excelllence in Portfolio Staff & Portfolio Feature
European Newspaper Awards, Award of Excellence, Infographic Online
Malofiej 24, Bronze for Feature Portfolio and Silver for Specials
WAN-IFRA, Gold Medal, Best Data Visualization, Gold Medal, Best Infographics
WAN-IFRA (World Digital Awards), Gold Medal, Best Data Visualization,
The Oman National Dress for Women
Spread 1
Spread 2
Spread 3
Male National Dress
Spread 1
Spread 2
Spread 3
Below are the covers of the supplements which I also designed. There's a section that shows how the readers can assemble the papers into a poster.
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