The Worl Cup 2014 was a massive event for both the football fans and the newspaper industry like us in Times of Oman and Al Shabiba.  A newspaper supplement was published before and during the whole event, gearing up for the big day and chronicling the sport the entire time. It was full-packed with graphics, feature pages, and highly illustrated designs.
All the designers/ illustrators had a hand in designing the front cover, coming up with ideas for content, and designing the pages that they have come up with. I have a number of covers designs, a feature page, and a few collaboration with other designers that uses my illustrations. 
Day 27 and 28 covers become a poster when connected together. The Day 15 cover displayed my makeup abilities to a colleague when I designed it. The June 28 page showed off my passion for Game of Thrones by creating a graphic that compares and finds similarities between the characters of GOT and the key players during this cup. 
Eat Like An Elite is a feature page that takes a closer look at the diet of elite athletes such as professional footballers. This page was my brainchild and produced everything from research to photography to designing the whole page. 
DAY 15 Cover: Featuring my hand-painted work on the eye of my colleague to pose as a fan of the sport. The idea was to show a footballer kicking the ball using the area around the eye.
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